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Burgener Nebulizer History Timeline

15 billion B.C. Universe Created

4.5 billion B.C. Earth created

65 million B.C. Mammals replace Dinosaurs

1 million B.C. First ancestors of humans

5 thousand B.C. Recorded Human History begins

1800 - 1900 A.D. Burgener ancestors arrive in Canada

1946 A.D. Jack Burgener starts first commercial spectrographic lab in Canada

1977 A.D. John Burgener begins work on ICP whole rock analysis

1978 Development of high temp Lithium Metaborate Fusion for whole rock ICP analysis

1985 John Burgener and Guy Legere develop Burgener Legere Nebulizer - The first commercial Teflon Nebulizer, and the first Babington V groove type nebulizer in one, non-adjustable piece.

1986 Trulogic Spectrometer upgrade developed

1986 Spectrometer Operating System software written by John Burgener for Trulogic spectrometer.

1989 Technical Solutions unLimited created to sell nebulizers and software

1991 Commercial Lab sold, John Burgener begins to work full time on Nebulizers and software

1992 Lambda III (DOS version) spectral wavelength tables introduced.

1993 Introduction of the BTF, the first commercial parallel path nebulizer.

1993 TCR-1: First Teflon Chamber introduced

1993 Introduction of the BTS 30, BTS 50 and BTS 100.

1994 T2000 long nose parallel path nebulizer developed

1995 Parallel Path Nebulizer patent awarded.

1995 TJA Trace Parallel Path nebulizer developed

1995 T2002 nebulizer introduced

1995 Q5000 Automatic Microwave Digestion system developed with Questron

1995 Burgener Research Incorporated

1996 Begin work on new design that will eventually become the Mira Mist

1996 DCP Teflon nebulizer produced

1997 TCR 97 Teflon Chamber introduced

1997 1000th nebulizer produced

1997 Lambda III for Windows introduced

1998 SPIF for Windows introduced

1999 Micro 1 - First of our low flow Micro series nebulizers developed

2000 Micro 3 introduced

2001 Teflon Mira Mist introduced

2001 LB 30 high flow industrial nebulizer introduced

2001 PEEK Mira Mist introduced

2001 Mira Mist CE introduced

2001 Ari Mist introduced

2001 Mini Teflon chamber introduced

2002 Applied for Enhanced parallel path method patent.

2002 Graphite Mira Mist HS introduced

2002 SS 50 - Stainless Steel nebulizers introduced

2002 Flex 50 - Flexible Nylon and Stainless Steel nebulizers introduced

2002 Micro 3 discontinued

2003 US Patent # 6,634,572 issued Oct. 21, 2003 - Enhanced Parallel Path Nebulizer Method

2003 Opening of new offices in England.

2003 Scott Double Pass Teflon Chamber introduced

2003, March: 5000th nebulizer produced

2003 Cyclonic Teflon Chamber introduced

2004 Canadian Patent # 2,384,201 issued Nov. 30, 2004 - Enhanced Parallel Path Nebulizer Method

2006 T2100 Introduced - 750 micron ID - probably the largest ID of any ICP nebulizer ever made.

2006 BTS 50 officially discontinued.

2007, Jan: 10,000 nebulizer produced

2008 Trace Officially discontinued and replaced with T2100.

2008 Burgener Legere officially discontinued.

2009 Enya Mist introduced - 200 nanoliter/minute to 50 microliter/min sample flows

2009, May: 15,000 nebulizer produced

2010 T2002 officially discontinued, but plan to have them still available for those who want them for many years.

2011 LB 80: 10 - 100 ml/min nebulizer - Introduced in April 2011

2011, July: 20,000 nebulizer produced

2013, Oct: 25,000 nebulizer produced

2014, Jan: Burgener PFA 250 Nebulizer introduced

2014, Jan: Burgener X-175 Nebulizer introduced

Teflon is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont De Nemours Company and in all cases in this web page refers to PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene)