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For many years we have used the "Thousands Enjoy" advertisement. With over 16,000 Burgener Nebulizers produced, it seems that thousands do enjoy using our nebulizers, but the advertisement mainly shows a few real people in the front rows, and some caricatures for the rest of the crowd. While updating our staff and my family, I realized that the advertisement would be more accurate if we had actual people who enjoy using our nebulizers in the advertisement. So we are offering to add you to the advertisement, and we will pay you for your permission to have your image in our advertising. Hopefully you will like the images we produce, but we will email you the image for your approval before adding it to the web pages.

Please note that our artist is a copy artist who aims to match the photo as closely as possible. So the image you send will be very close to the line drawing we produce.
If you have purchased any of our nebulizers, and enjoy using it then you are eligible for the $50 cash offer. We ask for some evidence that you have one of our nebulizers.

To join the thousands in the poster and receive your $50, please email your photo, some evidence that you have bought a nebulizer, (the serial number is sufficient in most cases) or a note saying that you have been using one of our nebulizers for more than 1 year, and a note saying why you like our nebulizers, to my email address:


NOTE: This offer is limited to only one per nebulizer bought, and a max of one per person.

And the offer expires when we have received 500 entries, or at any time we chose to end the offer - we reserve the right to cancel or extend this promotion at any time.

The $50 will be sent as a $50 check from our US$ account.


John Burgener
THE PEOPLE IN THE POSTER Most Recent Update: April 2010
The central image is myself and my family. Paula, my wife is on my left, Ariana is on my right and Mirah just behind Paula. Paula's death in October 2008 inspired me to update the images and to move her beside me rather than off to the side of the advert. Beside me is where I wish she was, and where I expect her to be in the future when I join her in Heaven.
Since Paula's death, Mirah and Ariana have joined me in running the company and Technical Solutions unLimited.
Why do we enjoy Burgener Nebulizers? - Because they help people run their instruments with a lot less nuisance and better results.
To the right and left of our family are our nebulizer production team. Ann Williams (Left), Nga Nguyen, Suzanne Ruginis, Caryl Richmond and Wendy Bunner (right) make most of our nebulizers. I make some specials and check many of each month's production. Ann specializes with the T2002 and BTN (Trace) nebulzier. Nga, Sue and Wendy do the Mira Mist nebulizers, and Sue and Nga do the Ari Mist nebuizers. Each nebulizer is made entirely by one person, and checked by another before being approved, and each nebulizer is checked once more before shipping.
Frances Karol produced nebulizers with us in Mississauga for 6 years. Then she moved to London, England and became our sales manager for Europe. Anyone attending ICP conferences will likely have met her.
Lois Carden is our office manager. She handles the accounting, sales and shipping and general company management when I am not in the office.
Kelly and Lisa are daughters of Lois. They help make gas lines and sample lines and manuals for the nebulizers.
This is an older image of Paula. When I first did the advertisement, I used a lot of images from Corel files, and later added some of our staff, and only after added myself and Paula. So we were more in the background in the earlier version of the advert. This image is likely to remain simply because I like it.
Ramon and Dorothy Barnes have been involved in ICP analysis since the first instruments were made. They started and still run the ICP Winter Conferences which have been inspirations to everyone in the industry. Ramon usually has a camera in his hands during the conferences, and the photo we used has him taking a photograph, and we felt it was appropriate to show him that way.
Robert McCallion and Suzanne Burgener used to work with us. Robert was a nebulizer producer and general machinist. He has moved to Timmions to work with Kid Creek Mines as a chemist in their production labs. Sue is my sister-in-law and she was with us for two years as our accountant. She has recently moved to Nelson, B.C.
My Father, John Ernest Burgener. He was hired during WW II to work at the Aluminum Company of Canada in Arvida, Quebec. His job was to create a spectrographic lab to do the process analysis, and to act as a check on the wet chemical work being used before his arrival. In about a year, his spectrographic analysis replaced the wet chemical lab, and when the war ended he was asked to start more spectrographic labs for the company. Instead he decided to start his own lab and moved to Port Credit now part of Mississauga and started a lab in a small garage behind an office at the University of Toronto. He built his own spectrograph, and eventually developed the lab into a world renowned lab, with branches across Canada, in the US and several other countries. Technical Service Laboratories became both the standard in spectrographic analysis and also was the Canadian rep for Jarrell Ash. When Jarrell Ash started selling ICP spectrometers, TSL was sent the first or second unit produced to review and suggest improvements. Eventually that instrument was upgraded with the first of Trulogic's electronics and a John Burgener Jr (me) operating system. With this instrument, we were able to produce the world's first whole rock analysis on an ICP, which led to the need for a non-salting nebulizer, which led to the development of the Burgener Legere Nebuilzer and then to the Burgener Parallel Path designs. With the Burgener Legere Nebulizer and the Trulogic electronics and my operating software, we were able to fuse, run and report over 500 whole rock analysis a day with a staff of three people. Had we been trying to do the same with the wet chemical analysis, it would required a staff of 25 people, and the results would have been much poorer than we achieved with the ICP.
My father is still healthy, 94 years old, and lives with my mother, also 94 in Mississauga. He has been working on understanding the nature of God and creation, which is in process and a preliminary version is on his web page: www.understandingexistence.info
The background crowd scene is based on a drawing in the book "En Masse" by Hans-Georg Rauch. Also, the drawing of Jesus is based on another drawing in the same book. The book was published in 1974. If you have a chance to find one, I think you would enjoy the art he did. Rauch died in 1993. Click on the image for a larger image.
We used just a part of the drawing - this is a enlargement of the area outlined in yellow which is the part used in the advertisement.
This is the drawing in Rauch's "En Masse" with the image of Jesus we use in the advert. Click on the image for a larger image.
This is the drawing I use for the background. As people send in their photos, the crowd scene will change to real people rather than Rauch's doodles.
Most of the various famous people in the poster are based on stock photos from Corel Draw, which we use for our advertisements. Some are sketches from photos on the internet. Here is Angelina Jolie's image, drawn from a photo.
Jamie Wech, Chemist, IMR Test Labs

We have used your nebulizers in the past, and have always enjoyed the versatility that the T2100 offers. The extra wide sample capillary is exactly what our lab has been looking for, for several years now. It really is virtually uncloggable! Coupled with its HF resistivity, it is the only nebulizer that we need for any alloy that a customer can send us. (Jan 21, 2009)
Crystal Patel, Lab Manager, PSC Environmental Services

I like Burgener nebulizers. They last a long time (my last Nebulizer lasted for almost 5 years). They help my ICP perform analysis much better w/o much hassle or even any worry about getting the nebulizer tip clogged. Also comparing to the glass nebulizer, this Teflon nebulizer is definitely unbreakable. Although Teflon nebulizer are slightly more expensive than glass nebulizers, IT'S A GOOD INVESTMENT FOR THE ICP! I would recommend this to everyone using glass nebulizers for their ICP. (Feb 9, 2009)
Scott Cuff, Inorganics Manager / EHSC, TestAmerica

I purchased your nebulizer because our other nebulizers were getting clogged on a regular basis. I did some research and I found that your nebulizer is virtually clog free. I look forward to using it for many years to come. (Feb 18, 2009)
Muhammad Rahman, Lab Technician / AMEC Earth and Environmental

I use your Peek Mira Mist for the ICP instrument. I am really happy with it because there is no clogging. The flow is very uniform and the nebulizer is acid resistant. I am very satisfied with this product. (Apr 15, 2009)
Zuoge Yang, ALS Global, China

I love the T2100 nebulizer. It is ideal for samples containing free HF or samples with high TDS, especially for its low cost of maintenance. The Burgener Nebulizer is the first rank partner of the top ICP instruments and it is the best assistant of an ICP operator. (April 21, 2009)
Scott Sobkowiak, Metals Group Leader, Complete Environmental Testing, Inc.

I have enjoyed using the original Burgener Trace Nebulizer and now the new T2100 nebulizer for over 4 years because of its robust working composition and reliability. Carry-over is nonexistant and the neb never plugs, even while running the most extreme soil extracts. They are also very reliable, long lasting and pair well with my older instrument. BTN: 9270 and T2100: 11555 from 2007 and 2008, respectively, as examples. I love the Teflon Mira Mist, it is an upgrade even from the reliable and hard working T2100. I use this on a brand new ICP in place of a common glass neb. I have found the detection limits produced with this neb to match or exceed those of a high quality glass neb while further allowing me the flexibility to run samples with high TDS without the worry of a plugged neb. It is even more efficient than the T2100 and still requires minimal upkeep. (April 22, 2009)
Win Naing Jeewa, Analytical Laboratory Supervisor, Western Mineral Technology Pty Ltd

The reason I like to use burgener nebulizer is that the internal standard recovery is very good on high dissolved solutions. I tried different types - they were not working. This order was my 4th Nebuliser from you. Burgener Nebulizers are highly appreciated, they meet our requirements. (May 11, 2009)
Carissa Wright, Heritage WTI, Ohio

I like the Burgener Nebulizer because it does not clog easily and is very durable, yet sensitive enough to accurately read trace metals. (May 20, 2009)
Fred White, Heritage WTI, Ohio

I enjoy using the burgener nebulizer for its durability and easy maintenance! (May 20, 2009)
Xiao Li Yang, Shanghai Goalllab Co., LTD., China

The Burgener nebulizer is perfect for free HF and High TDS, I like it very much. (May 25, 2009)
Brent Hughes, Heritage WTI, Ohio

I am a huge fan of the Burgener nebulizer because it's made out of Teflon so doesn't clog very easily, which means less maintenance and down time for the instrument, which means more money for us. It practically pays for itself. Thank you. (May 26, 2009)
EunHee Park, Inorganic Analyst, Environmental Division, ALS Laboratory Group, Calgary, Canada

We've been enjoying Burgener Teflon Mira Mist Nebulizer for over a year. They've been giving us excellent productivity, consistency and durability. (May 29, 2009)
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